About Us

NuvoDev CSS Showcase is a moderated art and design showcase built upon user submissions. NuvoDev CSS Showcase does not claim copyright or ownership of the submissions, which remain the sole property of the original artist.

For any queries or concerns please feel free to contact us.

What does “NuvoDev” mean?

At NuvoDev, give shape to your dreams! “Nova” in ancient Latin means “New”, and the derived French word “Nouveau” means all things new and different, fashionably so. So after some wordplay we came up with “NuvoDev” (a combination of Nuvo and Dev – Developments) which would represent us in the world – something different, creative and fashionable, but still based in tradition. This is what we always strive to achieve – new and exciting ideas, developed and delivered.

Who are we?

After working with different web service providers for almost a decade, a bunch of professionals felt the necessity to provide the entire range of web services under one roof at an affordable price. Hence, the birth of NuvoDev.

Over the years, through interaction with numerous clients, we realized that a web service provider’s responsibility is not completed till a client is provided with a customized and more importantly a complete solution. This is possible when we have in-house ability to work on all aspects of a project, provide clients with different choices and finally, help them choose the optimal solution.

Our core team comprises of professionals with experience in designing, web development, programming/scripting, server administration and maintenance, technical support, customer service and business analysis. Also, this team is ably assisted by leaders in other specializations who provide their valuable inputs along the way. The core team members have been involved in successful implementation of more than 250 medium/large projects and numerous small projects/assignments.

Our Mission

In recent times it has become very important for organizations, businesses, groups and individuals to be part of the ever-increasing global community, the Internet. We at NuvoDev aim to cater to all those who want to be part of this online fraternity, either for business or pleasure. Be it a simple static website providing information to a complex web portal with mutiple tasks and processes; we are always here to assist you. A complete web solutions provider, from website development or domain registration to web-hosting and maintainence, we offer it all.

We believe creative and innovative solutions are the main mantras of these present times. However, it is important to make these affordable. We at NuvoDev aim to offer quality web solutions at best possible prices. A highly motivated team with a vast experience of web technologies, we work very closely with clients in order to understand their needs and provide the necessary solutions. We believe in giving attention to all the minute details; as in our experience, these play a very important part. We provide our clients various options to choose from and help them come to a decision by providing our opinions based on the market research of the current trends.

According to us, a project is completed only when the client is satisfied with our work and our aim is to achieve that level, each and every time!